Monday, 6 September 2010

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Update Status Facebook Via Ngapusi

Mau update status facebookmu dari BB, iPhone dan lain-lainnya tanpa harus membeli perangkat tersebut...? Dan kitapun tidak usah repot-repot lagi harus bergabung dengan applikasi tersebut. Nah inilah solusinya...silahkan update status facebookmu dari beberapa pilihan di bawah ini, dan lihat hasilnya di wall facebookmu.

Update status via Facebook for BlackBerry

Update status via Facebook for iPhone

Update status via Windows Phone

Update status via Snaptu

Update status via TG Motocross

Update status via FarmVille

Update status via Fashion World

Update status via Facebook for Android

Update status via Facebook for Palm

Update status via Facebook for the T-Mobile Sidekick

Update status via Friend Interview

Update status via Status Emotions & Animations

Update status via Texas HoldEm Poker

Update status via Glamble Poker

Jumlah pilihan di atas besar kemungkinan akan saya tambah setiap saat, dikarenakan banyaknya applikasi saat ini yang telah bekerjasama dengan Facebook.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Wibree is a new connection from Nokia

Nokia has announced a new short-distance connections, called Wibree, Nokia berambisi to Wibree become a standard short-distance connections and will be a new side by side with Bluetooth, the first Nokia devices that Wibree will kompatible and can work with any Bluetooth device, but it seems to Wibree specification at this time was still not clear who might not be kompatible with Bluetooth, the main reason for Nokia to make Wibree is superior in terms of energy, Wibree Nokia states that only require energy much less than Bluetooth and is efesien for the device that is often silent (idle), but sparing the energy was less than clear, an example of electronic devices that are suitable for Wibree is a digital wristwatch that connects to the mobile phone, keyboard and mouse.

Until now seem similarity between Bluetooth and Wibree is their work on the same frequency is 2.4 GHz, although the actual frequency 2.4 GHz is already used by many different types of electronic devices from a valuable cheap toy car or helicopter mobilan set by remote control to that are expensive devices such as WiFi wireless networking (802.11b/g/n). So later this 2.4Ghz frequency will become more crowded and interference signal will be felt. Wibree can work on a range of 10 meters and capable memtransfer data with speeds up to 1 Mbps (125 Kilobytes).

Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) has mengajurkan Nokia to incorporate technology that is owned by Wibree into Bluetooth specification further, but discussion about it has been running and up to now is still not clear of its development.

There are some basic differences between the Wibree and Bluetooth, the Bluetooth is working continuously with the "jump jump" or spread signal to check the connection, send and receive data, then it's Bluetooth requires a larger energy, the design work I use this Bluetooth because that is the main reason to avoid the interference signal connections, so if there are some devices that connect to the bluetooth device that has a signal that it will work more to send out signal and send data from one device to another device. How it works Wibree more detail is still unknown, but likely will not like this Bluetooth.

Second difference is the Bluetooth has some "profile" that is unique and will continue to be developed, each Bluetooth device that will dikoneksikan must support the same profile, then pemerogramman in the Bluetooth application developers are required to check the profile other Bluetooth devices via Service Discovery Protocol, so that the error does not occur in the delivery of data such as data files to the device the headset or sending data to the voice communication device printer. Wibree will not be possible to use a procedure like this but would have a similar procedure.

Third difference is Wibree will use the data packet size is dynamic (varies), while Bluetooth uses a packet size remains the same, this will make the delivery of data is small with Wibree more quickly and in the end this will create more energy efficient Wibree. While using the Bluetooth packet size that will still require the same time for a packet data and packet data although only one fifth are filled.

Nokia said that the company CSR, Broadcom, Epson and Nordic Semiconductor has sign a contract to develop products that use Wibree. Think about using a product that Wibree will be issued in mid 2007, when it issued the mobile phone Nokia will have some type of wireless data connection that short distance include: infrared, Bluetooth, Wibree, WiFi and WiMAX, the wireless data connection will use the distance GSM (CSD, HSCSD, GPRS and EDGE) and UMTS (WCDMA and HSDPA).